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TBWA Handled a Heartbreaking Assignment Beautifully in These Ads for Children’s Hospice Care

Dying children are hard to talk about, so one pediatric hospice care provider has created a poignant new campaign asking people at a loss for words to donate instead.


Sexual assault survivor turns ‘deepest secret’ into documentary ‘Second Assault’

Jillian Corsie is a sexual assault survivor and documentary filmmaker who turned her experience confronting the painful incident into a documentary called "Second Assault," entitled after the “second assault” that survivors often experience when they are not believed.


Why These Women Are Tackling The ‘Second Assault’ Of Reporting Sexual Violence

“The film is about my journey to confront a system that failed me, and also to confront the culture that we live in,” Corsie said. “And how that supports this idea of a second assault, which isn’t necessarily just what happens when you report, but also what happens when your friends and boyfriends and people around you don’t believe you.”


Sexual Assault Survivors Don't Want Attention — They Want To Be Believed

The hashtags and social media movements are helping many survivors feel seen, such that Houser, of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, compares this moment to group therapy. "When you start to hear that other people have experienced the same thing that you did, it lowers your sense of isolation," she says.


ABC's 20/20: Why These Women Rip Out Their Own Hair

Rebecca, now a superstar in the trichster community, caught the attention of Jillian Corsie, who was casting for a documentary on trichotillomania. What’s the biggest misconception? That it’s rare. That people who have trichotillomania are freaks. The people I’ve spoken to feel isolated or like outcasts, like they don’t belong. Reporter: Jillian’s documentary, called “Trichster,” explored the destructive force of the disorder to both mind and body.


We Have A Winner: Trichster

Jillian Corsie submitted her feature-length documentary, Trichster, to the Young Filmmaker Competition almost immediately. Having recently completed the documentary detailing the lives of seven individuals suffering from Trichotillomania, Jillian hoped her film would be chosen among other feature-length and short films. As the director, producer, and editor of the documentary, Jillian showed a high level of professionalism and the end product demonstrates that beautifully.